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"He saves feathers he finds, believing they came from dreamers' wings." -V.M.
I know it's been months since I've updated here, but I'm going to try and start back up again in a bit.

I went to New York for the NY Times Talks, had a front row seat and took a bunch of photos that I've decided to share with everyone. They're a bit grainy, but still should be worth seeing. I'm leaving them untagged and high-res, so if you feel they're worth posting somewhere else, PLEASE credit viggo_watch. I think there's even one tiny video clip with no sound that I took from my digital camera. ENJOY!


Also, on the NY Times website, there is a montage video from from the guests over that weekend. There's no sound of the Viggo parts, but he is on there if you care to take a look. Look all the way at the bottom on the left and you can choose Quicktime or WMV.


I've already e-mailed them about getting Viggo's talk on CD and they have no idea when that will be available.

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Sorry about not updating, but I've been sick for the past few days. I'll try and update over the weekend!
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The HOV soundtrack by Howard Shore will be released on October 11th. Read the press release.

  • WCF Curier.com: Mortensen packs a punch in ‘History of Violence'
  • Metacritic.com: A History of Violence
  • Sunnews.comMortensen's rein is tale of 'Violence'
  • BuffaloNews.com: THE POWER OF VOILENCE
  • HoustonPress.com: Tom's Diner
  • Newham Recorder: Lord Aragorn's an accidental hero
  • Yahoo! News UK: Viggo Mortensen creeps out audience
  • Arizona Daily Star: 'Violence' a great, graphically gory film
  • MetroActive.com: Men With Guns
  • NewsReview.com: The habit-forming pain
  • Kathimerini.comVerne, WWII and the media. HOV opens the Panorama Film Festival
  • St. Petersburg Times: Indie Flicks: A puzzle wrapped in a good story
  • Nashua Telegraph: ‘Violence’ makes you cheer for hero – or does it?
  • PressConnects.com: Gripping 'History of Violence' lives up to its name
  • The Herald UK: A History of Violence
  • North County Times: 'History of Violence' a simple film with keen calculations
  • Arkansas Times: 'Violence' is more than an action film
  • RainbowNetwork.com: Totty Watch: Viggo Mortensen
  • CNN.com: He knows what you're afraid of
  • Santa Monica Mirror: AT THE MOVIES: Secrets and Lies
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    I've uploaded the Daily Show from last night and ABC Entertainment in the Multimedia > Video Downloads > HOV section at viggo-mortensen.net. Thanks to Splatnext for giving them to me.

    Viggo has donated a signed print for the UCLU auction on Ebay. The auction is here.

    According to viggo-works, Viggo will be doing an exhibition at Track 16 Gallery. Nothing is up at the site to announce it yet, so stay tuned. With the "Voices" reading Viggo's doing on October 5th, it looks like he's still keeping busy since he's taken the year off from doing movies.

  • Teen Hollywood.com: Goin’ Fishin’ with Viggo Mortensen. The website is very annoying to go through, but the interview is quite good.
  • About.com: Viggo Mortensen on "A History of Violence" and Working with David Cronenberg
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian: A History of Violence
  • Mercury News: Gentle soul takes on violent role
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    Viggo will on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight on Comedy Central.

    New video on IESB.net and at PBS. Links courtesy of viggo-works.com.

    New articles at Perceval Press, and one new Exhibition.

  • TheAge.com: Fear has a face
  • Miami Herald: Director shares his `History'. Registration required, but it's worth it.
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    For those of you that weren't able to download the Charlie Rose show or David Letterman, I've uploaded the files in the Multimedia > Video Downloads section at viggo-mortensen.net. Thanks to Splatnext for making the video and posting them originally at ViggoFanBase.

    New articles at Perceval Press, along with new Exhibitions & Events, and additions to We Recommend.

    Details on Viggo's new book, Linger, are HERE.

    The final video clip in the "video blog" section is up on the the official HOV site.

  • Hilarious Q&A with Viggo at Time.com: Q&A Viggo Mortensen
  • ContactMusic.com: CRONENBERG'S PUBLIC SEX
  • The Sunday Mirror: A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE
  • NY Daily News: Wife of 'Violence'
    Ed Harris was a man of few words at the press conference for David Cronenberg's A History of Violence, in which he played a Philadelphia mobster who arrives at a Norman Rockwell-ish town in the Midwest to exact vengeance on a peaceful diner owner he believes was once a vicious killer.
    At one point, Harris pounded vigorously on the table several times, then took a water glass and tossed it over his shoulder, shattering it in pieces on the stage to demonstrate the nature of violence. Cronenberg and the rest of the cast (Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ashton Holmes) watched in disbelief, then Mortensen broke the silence by assuring the media, "On the set, Ed is only allowed plastic cups."
  • Miami Herald: Director shares his `History'
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    Viggo's new CD is now available at Perceval Press

    Viggo on Letterman and the Charlie Rose show video up at sotbk.net, and viggo-works

  • The WGAL Channel.com: Mortensen Impressive In 'History Of Violence'
  • The Philladelphia Inquirer: When a placid life takes a sudden wrong turn
  • Zap2it.com: Mortensen Commits Acts of 'Violence'
  • Hearldnet.com: A searing 'History of Violence'
  • The Morning Call Online: David Cronenberg takes violence mainsteam with 'History'
  • Boston Herald: `History' repeats itself for Mortensen
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    A reminder that tonight Viggo is on the David Letterman Show.

    Viggo will also be on the Charlie Rose show tonight.

    Today's articles/reviews:

  • colossus.net: History of Violence, A
  • New York Newsday: A History of Violence
  • Canada.com: A history of Cronenberg: Violence film yields populist puzzle
  • Christian Science MOnitor: A History of Violence
  • Guardian Unlimited: The killer inside
  • CTV.ca: 'History of Violence' an examination of our souls
  • Seattlepi.com: 'Violence' -- and Mortensen -- will keep your attention
  • Diamondback Online: Viggo-rous Violence
  • USA Today: 'History of Violence' grabs hold, won't let go
  • Boston.com: David Cronenberg stirs up danger in 'A History of Violence'
  • Canoe- Jam! : Cronenberg delivers action-packed drama
  • EURweb.com: EUR SCREENING ROOM: ‘Roll Bounce,’ A History of Violence,’ ‘Flightplan’ and ‘Oliver Twist’
  • Seattle Times: A way of life where violence is the norm
  • NY Daily News: A portrayal of 'Violence' that's dead-on
  • Slate.msn.com: Art for Arteries' Sake
  • MIT Tech: Talking With Film Director David Cronenberg
  • San Francisco Gate: Learning violence from the inside out
  • Associated Press: Review: 'History of Violence' a Must-See
  • Chicago Tribune: 'Violence' shows Cronenberg as man of action
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    HOV opens in select cities tomorrow, Friday the 23rd. I managed to find these, but anyone knows of any others I haven't listed, please let me know!

    New York, NY: Loews Cineplex Lincoln Square & IMAX
    Chicago, IL: AMC River East 21
    Houston, TX- Grand Palace Stadium 24
    Boston, MA: Loews Cineplex Loews Boston Common
    Dalles, TX: Loews Cineplex Cityplace
    Birmingham, MI: Uptown Theaters Birmingham 8
    Washington, DC: Loews Cineplex Georgetown 14
    Seattle, WA: Loews Cineplex Meridian
    Santa Monica, CA: Pacific's The Grove 14

    Advance US screenings tonight and on the 29th are listed here. Thanks to caranglamiel for the link!

    Thanks to londinensa, the UK HOV showings for this weekend are here: BBC London

    The Early Show clip is up at SOTBK.net

    Behind the scenes clip on HOV filming at the HOV Blog: The Dark Side

    Loads of photos from the HOV premiere in LA at viggopicspam today.

    Viggo's appearance on the Early Show is reviewed on their site here.

    Great interview with Viggo at Cinecon.com: INTERVIEW: Viggo Mortensen on "A History of Violence"

    Here's a bit about a scene that was filmed and then cut from the final film:

    Q: Maria told us about a waterfall sex scene that was cut. Was that like “A Walk on the Moon” all over again?
    VIGGO: No, it was a lot colder. (Laughs). It was at night in Canada. It was cold, and it was - it was fun, it was just near a gorge, and we got to jump off this cliff into the water. And frolicking in the water was - I mean, because we were in it together, and she's such a good sport, as she was the whole way, you know, it made it kind of fun. But it was not physically very pleasant, it was really, really cold. But yeah, that'll be fun, to see that scene. I can see why he didn't use it. It just wasn't vital, that information got across anyway without it. It was a sweet scene though, it's nice, I think that'll be fun for people to see. If it had been in, it wouldn't have hurt, but I think they already established what the family was and what the community was, and Tom Stall's place in the community, and then you needed to have those guys show up.

    From CTV.ca: 'History of Violence' an examination of our souls

    From Eye Weekly: A comedy of terrors

    From Hour.ca: Veni vidi Viggo

    From the Detroit Press: Cronenberg's new film asks key questions about violence
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    Sorry for last minute news, but it looks like Viggo is going to be on the Early Show tomorrow, September 22nd, according to the CBS News site.
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    Lots of new pics of Viggo from the David Letterman taping the past couple of days at viggo-daily

    Review from Rolling Stone: A History of Violence

    From the New York Press: THE CRONENBERG INTERVIEW

    Also from the New York Press: "THAT" MOVIE: Cronenberg's revenge thriller.

    From Yahoo news: Reunion of De Palma and Pacino for Carlito's Way gets special DVD release

    From the San Luis Tribunee: 'Violence' yields populist puzzle


    From Cinematical.com: Rough Sex for Viggo and Maria


    From the Victoria Advocate: CAPTAIN COMICS: When comics become movies

    From the Village Vioce: The Last Action Hero: Hometown hero Cronenberg elicits applause and shocked silence with his menacing History

    From the San Francisco Bay Guardian: Boys to men: A big a Thumbsucker, and Violence in Bush's America.

    From Canoe -- Jam!: Viggo Mortensen handles new-found fame

    Also from Canoe -- Jam!: 'Violence' set a love-in

    From Seattle Weekly: THE WEEK'S ATTRACTIONS

    Boston's Weekly Dig: DAVID CRONENBERG: Moves beyond bug powder, car wrecks and porking robots
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    I'm back from the Toronto Film Festival and seeing A History of Violence. Sadly, none of my photos of Viggo came out well, except for one good shot of his back! I've decided not to write up my own review but you can ask me questions about the movie in the comments if there's something you want to know.

    Here are some articles from yesterday and today. Be aware that some of them contain spoilers.

    GREAT HOV article at the New York Post. You might need to register, but it's free and well worth it.

    From the Boston Globe: Director David Cronenberg has something to say about small-town America. And guess what? It's subversive.

    From the Lexington Herald-Leader: TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Christened the best autumn in memory

    From the New York Daily News: A man's gotta do... David Cronenberg's explosive new thriller confronts the American way of violence

    From M&C Movies: Mortensen and Bello left bruised after sex scene

    From NewKerala.com: Viggo Mortensen’s tea addiction!
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    FYI ... I'm leaving today to head up to Toronto for the A History of Violence gala screening tomorrow night. I'll try and update while I'm gone if possible!

    New clips up at IGN Filmforce

    From USA Today: Hollywood heads to Toronto
    "Studios and independents are realizing you can release a movie any time of year," says Russell Schwartz, marketing chief at New Line Cinema. The company is counting on A History of Violence (Sept. 23) with Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the Rings) to batter the festival competition.

    From eye.net: All the TIFF that fits
    Dir David Cronenberg w/ Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello. 95 min. Sep 10, 6:30pm, Roy Thomson Hall; Sep 11, 9:30am, Ryerson.
    Don't be fooled by the Hollywood backing, high-profile cast (including Viggo Mortensen in a career-best performance), Norman Rockwell-y setting or lack of imaginary orifices. What looks like Cronenberg's most mainstream effort may be his most incisive examination of perennial themes about identity, repression and transgression. After killing two thugs during a robbery attempt at his diner, Tom Stall (Mortensen) attracts the attention of underworld types who don't believe he's the upstanding family man he appears to be. At once sly and straight-faced, A History of Violence functions equally well as a western, a film noir and a social comedy. Cronenberg's mastery over the material is best evinced by two charged but very different love scenes between Mortensen and Maria Bello (as Tom's increasingly unsettled missus) that put the x in married sex.

    Oscar nomination talk from canada.com: Festival begins Oscar handicapping season
    The History of Violence Add it up. Viggo Mortensen does his heroic best here, plus there's his previously under-estimated performance in the Lord of the Rings series. The total could equal a nomination.

    From Now Toronto: Viggo Mortensen: Hunky star finds an unlikely kindred spirit in David Cronenberg

    From ReverseBlog: SNEAK PREVIEW: A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. GREAT review, possibly a bit spoiler-ish.

    From Canoe- Jam! : Cronenberg, film fest grow together

    Review from Austin 360: A History of Violence
    — David Cronenberg's thriller also got good notices at Cannes, despite its characteristic Cronenbergisms, such as offbeat sex and gut-blunt violence. But it's also being called one of Cronenberg's ("The Fly," "Naked Lunch") more conventional efforts, an accessible story about a family man (Viggo Mortensen) whose life is rattled by an unwanted burst of heroism. It's based on the DC Comics graphic novel and makes thematic nods to noir and westerns. We are intrigued. (Sept. 23)

    New photos up at viggopicspam
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    The winter releases are up now at Perceval Press, which includes a new book and a new CD from Viggo.

    From Canoe Jam!: Cronenberg the right man for 'Violence

    Sexy films come to T.O. Film Fest
    Also from Canoe Jam!: Sexy films come to T.O. Film Fest
    Toronto filmmaker David Cronenberg depicts a chilling sexual encounter on a staircase that verges on violence and depravity in his drama, A History Of Violence. The star actors, Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello, are clothed in the scene.

    A poll on the Can Mag: Gerard Butler vs. Viggo Mortensen
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    From the Chicago Tribune: 10 great expectations

    From toledoblade.com: Fall movies: Here's a look at what may be the season's top 25
    A History of Violence (Sept. 30). Strengths: The most accessible movie from director David Cronenberg since his remake of The Fly. And one of the most satisfying. Viggo Mortensen stars as a small-town diner owner who, after he shoots a pair of murderers, is visited by three mobsters from Philadelphia who insist he is someone else. Take the title literally: It’s a more poignant approach to America’s legacy of violence than Crash. And as in any decent Cronenberg flick, weird sex is involved. Weaknesses: The title, an adaptation of a graphic novel, could be a turn-off to the audience who will appreciate it most and a titillation to those moviegoers who are expecting a lighter, looser look at bloodshed.
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    If you haven't read Viggo's new message at Perceval Press, READ IT NOW.

    The History of Violence
    This new David Cronenberg film may be something to get excited about. It stars Viggo Mortensen as a small-town husband and father who becomes embroiled in some psychologically disturbing episodes in which people claim he's someone else. We're not forgetting the bizarre sex scenes. Yes, very Cronenbergian.

    From about.com: Interview with Screenwriter Josh Olson on "A History of Violence"

    Small bit about Viggo and the Witness DVD at lancasteronline.com: Fascinating documentary in 'Witness' collector's edition

    From rediff.com: Stirring Up September

    There is a new video clip at the official HOV site in the video blog section.

    Mean Magazine scans.
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    The US red carpet premiere is scheduled for September 21st at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles.

    New articles at Perceval Press.

    Scans of the article in Empire Magazine and Famous Magazine up at viggo-works.
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    The official HOV site has been updated with wallpapers, AIM incons, a screen saver and poster.

    A reminder that the Wild Horse Preservation DVD is available to order online. They sent out e-mails today to those of us on their mailing list.
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    Six new articles at Perceval Press, along with one new Exhibitions & Events addition.

    If you live in the US, HBO's First Look will feature HOV starting on September 12th.

    From Variety: New Line Takes History to Court TV

    From filmthreat.com, a review of the new collector's edition of Witness
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    Well I'm back from vacation and hardly know where to start posting news because so much happened while I was away. There were too many articles on Viggo visiting Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas for me to keep track of, so I'll just new articles as they come in.

    Lots of new articles at Perceval Press, along with new Exhibitions & Events and additions to the We Recommend section.

    The official hov site was finally updated, adding in answers to questions submitted to David Cronenberg and a video blog section.

    The current issue of Entertainment Weekly has a five page article on Viggo, including some great photos. According to the article, Viggo has declined doing the film Teresa.

    From Reuters: Toronto film fest promises premieres, star power
    Mentions that Viggo will be attending the Toronto Film Festival.</i>
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